Volunteer Clearance Forms


The PA Legislature has amended the Child Protective Services Law numerous times over the past year with the most recent changes focusing on clearances for volunteers. Should you be interesting in volunteering in any capacity at your child’s school, or within the District, you must acquire the appropriate clearances or, by law, you will not be able to serve as a NASD volunteer. Please read the information below and complete all necessary forms in order to comply with the Child Protective Services Law.

Volunteers are defined as an adult individual 18 years of age or older serving in an unpaid position who is responsible for the welfare of one or more children or has direct contact with children through any program, activity, and service sponsored by the district or one of its schools. This includes individuals who regularly assists a paid coach or advisor in a sport or other extra-curricular activity. Anyone fitting into these definitions must obtain the clearances prior to volunteering.

You DO NOT need clearances should you be a “visitor” including a parent, close relative, or guardian who visits a classroom, auditorium, other school common area, or private meeting area to make a delivery, attend a sports event or other extra-curricular activity, or one-time speak/participate in sharing information with students under supervision of a school employee.


As of July 1, the District requires volunteers to furnish a new copy of their clearance paperwork (which may be dated from January 2012 to present) even if it was recently submitted to your child's school.  This is due to our requirement to house in a district database rather than at individual schools. This will be helpful as you will be able to be “cleared” for multiple children/schools by providing one set of clearances to Human Resources.


Nazareth Area School District requires the following five (5) documents on file:
1. Volunteer application (Complete and sign)
2. Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form / Act 82 (Complete and sign)
3. PA State Police Criminal History Record / Act 34 (Attach copy)
4. PA Child Abuse Clearance/Act 151 (Attach copy)
5. FBI Federal Criminal History Record / Act 114 (Attach copy, if required). Note if you have resided in Pennsylvania for the entire previous ten (10) years and have not been convicted of any of the offenses listed on the Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form/Act 82, you may complete the Volunteer Affidavit (Complete and sign if not attaching Act 114).

All information/forms can be found on the District website, under Human Resources, Volunteering at NASD (http://www.nazarethasd.k12.pa.us/Page/855). Once all required documents are complete, please bring the original to the District Offices, located at One Education Plaza, Nazareth. A staff member will make a copy of your documents and return the original to you, and the information will be entered into a database for district tracking. Any additional questions/concerns can be made to Human Resources at dlohman@nazarethasd.org.

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer, and your patience and cooperation as we work to comply with these new state mandates.

Here is the Volunteer Letter!